A semi-animated comedy series following the stories of characters who in various ways feel detached from the world in which they live.  Characters are rotoscoped (traced and then animated) onto live action scenes - giving them a ghostly outline interacting with a real environment.

Initial looks-

Episode length is 3-10 minutes. Each episode is a single story, or vignette.   Modern day Los Angeles.  Stories revolve around disaffected characters facing existential, social-norm-defying, Seinfeldian crises.  Cast of characters ranges per episode - think High Maintenance and the embrace of one-off storylines.  The series is a vehicle for comedy sketches grounded in reality but with an absurd, animation-driven twist.


Two strangers awkwardly encounter one another, both wrongly semi-recognizing the other as a distant mutual friend.  Double doppelgangers, crashing into one another.  Social chaos.

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